International Dance Acclaim

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International Dance Acclaim

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International Dance Acclaim

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International Dance Acclaim (IDA) – An Adjudicated Performance

Our ballet students are assessed annually and they perform before an audience of parents and friends.  It is not a competition and a specially selected Judge will evaluate the dancers, and award medals and certificates to each student.  The Awards typically take place during the latter part of February.

The Value of the IDA’s, Achievement through Performance.

  • Students make exceptional progress as they are stimulated by a desire to improve their performance.
  • Students are challenged to excel.
  • Students are acknowledged for their efforts.
  • The program enhances technique and performance quality.
  • Parents will observe their children perform in a non-competitive environment and note the progressive development.
  • Students’ interest and enthusiasm is maintained as they progress from tier to tier.
  • Attainable goals are set.
  • Students strive to be the best they can be and learn a sense of commitment.