Class Descriptions

Junior Program (Tiny Tot – Ballet 2)

Initializes First Accordion Closed
Tiny Tots

This class is suitable for boys and girls ages 2.5-3.5 (must be potty trained) who are ready try their first class experience.

The dancers will learn gross motor skills such as marching, running, turning, hopping and twisting all while playing games and having fun! Dancers learn to follow directions, take turns, and interact with their peers while pretending to be animals, playing instruments and more.

This class is suitable for boys and girls ages 3.5-5 and is an introduction to classical ballet and the basics of tap using creative, imaginative role-playing and fun props. This class may involve pretending to be animals, playing instruments to learn rhythm, learning balancing, skipping and running and techniques using costumes and ribbons. This class is suitable for both boys and girls who are having so much fun that they don’t even realise that they are learning the fundamentals of ballet technique along the way. Combo also includes the basics of tap, with more focus on rhythm and musicality.
Enchanted Doorway, Adventures in Dance

This class is ideal for boys and girls ages 4-6

The program inspires and stimulates the child’s imagination, it allows creativity to blossom, develops the senses, creates an enthralling fantasy environment, and teaches the young dancer the basics in an age appropriate and safe manner.

With exciting music, thrilling story lines, and interactive props, the materials contain everything that is needed to give young children a positive desire to learn the fundamentals of ballet technique, at the same time developing their imaginative and creative talents.




Hip Hop in a Box
This class is suitable for boys and girls ages 4-6 and is designed to teach gross motor skills, coordination, rhythm, and basic movement skills in a fun, safe, age-appropriate way! Dancers will get to move, shake, groove and dance to kid-friendly popular music and have a blast while learning! This class is currently only offered in the summer.
Ballet Technique Levels 1 - 2

Boys and girls ages 5 and older can begin more formal ballet training at Level 1. These classes are the basis of all dance technique and will begin teaching your dancer correct posture, vocabulary, discipline and the principles and traditions of classical ballet. Dancers in Level 1 are eligible to enter for our IDA annual ballet evaluation. Level 1 meets once per week, beginning at Level 2 classes meet twice per week.

Intermediate/Advanced Program

Initializes First Accordion Closed
Ballet Technique Levels 3 - 10

Classical ballet is the essential basic foundation for all forms of dance. The principles and traditions of classical ballet are closely followed instilling students with a high quality of dance technique and appreciation while emphasizing a safe and enjoyable learning environment. Each year of instruction is designed to build upon the previous year of training and encourage students to strive for excellence. All ballet students in Level 3 and above are encouraged to participate in our annual ballet evaluations through IDA. Ballet Levels 3-6 meet twice per week, 7+ meet 3 or more days per week.

Pointe and Pre Pointe (at teacher’s discretion, Ballet 7+)
Instruction in dancing “En Pointe” is part of our comprehensive classical ballet training program, as pointe work is the fullest extension of the ballet line. Placement and continuation in Pre-Pointe, Beginning Pointe, or Pointe is at the teacher’s discretion, dancers should be taking a minimum of 3 ballet classes per week.
Repertoire and Variations (Ballet 7+)
Students will learn repertoire and variations including those from the classical ballets, thus expanding their knowledge of the ballets as well as learning more about their origins.  These excerpts will be adapted to be included in the end of year production..

Additional Classes Offered

Initializes First Accordion Closed
Turns & Leaps
Dancers in ballet Levels 6-8 have the opportunity to work more on various ballet and/or jazz based turning and jumping sequences. Dancers must have taken either a ballet or modern technique class prior to Turns & Leaps as no time is spent warming up, this is a continuation of work done in the class prior.
This class provides an opportunity to explore the fundamentals of modern dance.  Freedom of movement is emphasized while still using the control and grounded feeling always present in any dance form.  A modern class is an essential component of complete, well-rounded training and aides in promoting body awareness. Placement is at the teacher’s discretion.
Dancers train in fluid, lyrical movement as well as sharp, defined, and stylized work. Placement in the appropriate jazz class is at the teacher’s discretion. Learn jazz movements while gaining coordination and rhythm.
Hip Hop

Get loose, exercise, and have a great time learning new hip hop moves while listening to the latest Hip Hop music. Learn from a range of styles (choreography, bboy, poppin, locking etc). Class placement is at the teacher’s discretion.

Making a big comeback, Tap is on the rise.  We teach both Broadway style tap and, for the more advanced students, Rhythm style tap. Placement in the appropriate Tap class is at teacher’s discretion.
Contemporary Fusion
Combining elements from all genres of dance, fusion is a weekly class that will focus on transforming dancers into virtuosic performers, whilst concentrating on building & maintaining a strong foundation of technique. Fusing together the lines of ballet, the precision of jazz & the musicality of hip hop, the class will also explore artistic expression, with the intentions of shaping the pre-professional dancer not just into a dynamic performer, but into a well-rounded artist..
An exciting part of many classical ballets are the character dances- dances utilizing traditional dance styles from around the world such as the Hungarian Czardas, a Polish Mazurka or an Italian Tarantella. Available to dancers in Ballet Levels 5+..
A Contemporary course fused with multicultural influences of West African, Caribbean, Modern (Dunham) and flying low techniques. This class offers the students a diverse style to enhance their dance vocabulary and an insight into the different facets of dance in the African diaspora.  The course also focuses on stretching, strengthening and performance techniques to allow each dancer the opportunity to grow beyond their expectations.
Latin Fusion
This is a groove based class that takes the fundamentals of Latin social dance forms (merengue, salsa and cumbia) and the fundamentals of hip hop (including locking and house) and builds a dance form upon the common principles between them. This class will address musicality as this concept is central to both, and also learning new isolations and movements of the torso and the hips.
Progressive Ballet technique
This is an innovative program developed by Australian Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in ballet.
Musical Theater
Students learn song and dance routines from popular Broadway shows and musicals. This class is high-energy and focused on teaching children performance quality.
Adult Ballet and Beginning Teen Ballet
Learn the basics of classical technique.  Perfect for any teen or adult wishing to begin ballet training, return to dance, or complement another hobby, such as figure skating, theatre, etc.
Stage Makeup Technique and Practical Application

Teaching the proper techniques on how to apply makeup for the stage. Dancers will learn how to blend colors to find the right foundation shades along with how to plan and apply corrective and character makeup looks with speed and precision. We recommend getting a Ben Nye theatrical makeup kit which can be found on and includes a cream foundation, contour, highlight, and rouge, translucent setting powder with powder puff, a lip brush blending sponge, and eyeliner pencil. However, basic drugstore makeup will suffice.

We highly recommend dancers in this class purchase a non smudge LipSense Blue-Red lip kit.